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(Section 01000)

The following words and phrases used in this Specification shall have the respective meanings hereinafter set forth, unless a different meaning clearly appears from the context.

A. Applicant: The developer or their assigned representative(s). For the purposes of this document, developer and applicant may be used interchangeably.

B. The City: Midvale City Corporation.

C. City Engineer: A Registered Professional Engineer or Consulting Engineering Firm employing a Registered Professional Engineer, either of whom is duly registered in the State of Utah, appointed to accomplish the objectives of this Specification, provided that no such person or firm may serve the City and Subdivider in the City simultaneously where he would have to check his own work or the work of a member of his firm in connection with any subdivision in the City.

D. City Council: The City Council of Midvale City Corporation, Utah.

E. Collector Street: A street, existing or proposed which serves or is intended to serve as the principal traffic way between large and separated areas or districts and which is the main means of access to the major street system.

F.  Cul-de-sac:  A minor terminal street provided with a turnaround.

G.  Developer:  An individual, corporation or registered partnership, owning any tract, lot, or parcel of land to be developed, or a group of two or more persons owning, or considering ownership of, any tract, lot or parcel of land to be developed who have given their power of attorney to one of their group or to another individual to act on their behalf in planning, negotiating for, in representing, or executing the purposes of the development.

H.  Feeder Street:  A street, existing or proposed, which is supplementary to a collector street and of limited continuity which serves or is intended to serve the local need of the neighborhood.

I.  Major Street:  A street, existing or proposed, which serves or is intended to serve as a major traffic way as a control-access highway, major street, parkway or other equivalent term to indentify those streets comprising the basic structure of the street plan.

J.  General Plan:  A plan including maps or reports or both, which has been approved by the City Council and the Planning Commission, which helps to establish lines of current and future planned streets, roads, and highways.

K.  Minor Street:  A short terminal street, existing or proposed, which serves or is intended to serve the needs of a local area.

L.  Person:  Any individual, corporation, partnership, firm or association of individuals.

M.  Property:  Any tract, lot or parcel of land, or group of the same collected together for purposes of commercial development.

N.  Owner:  The person or persons financially responsible for the improvements being constructed, or a person or persons legally owning the property for which the improvements are being made as recorded in the County Recorder's Office.

O.  Planning Commission:  The Planning Commission of Midvale City Corporation, Utah.