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Administrative Provisions

Administrative Provisions

(Section 01005)



A. Contractor shall comply with these administrative provisions governing providing all materials, labor, transportation, bonds, insurance and other items required to accomplish the scope of Work associated with the project as identified on the Drawings and as specified herein.

B. Administrative provisions include, but are not limited to the following:

     1. General Requirements

     2. Contractor's Use of Premises

     3. Owner's Furnished Services

     4. Developer Furnished Services

     5. Submittals

     6. Quality Control

     7. Permits

     8. Interruption of Services

     9. Warranties

     10. Pre-Construction Meeting

     11. Safety Requirements

     12. Measurement and Payment

     13. Field Engineering

C. Contractor shall comply with the latest edition of the following requirements, in effect on the date of the Pre-Construction meeting:

     1. Midvale City Corporation requirements shall govern unless otherwise specified or waived by Midvale City.

     2. Applicable governing authority requirements shall govern for all Work in the Salt Lake County road right-of-way. All work within such right-of-way shall be in conformance with the applicable standards of the Salt Lake County Public Works Department.

     3. Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction shall govern for all Work in UDOT right-of-way. These UDOT specifications shall govern for Work within Salt Lake County right-of-way upon direction of Salt Lake County Public Works Department.


A. Work Area:

     1. Limit work and construction operations to areas owned by the Developer, within public road right-of-ways, construction or utility easements, or properties owned by Midvale City Corporation.

B. Access:

     1. Limit access to easement areas from public roads or right-of-way. Do not enter private property to gain access to easements unless property owner has given written permission to do so.

     2. Contractor shall secure all permits and permissions from owners as required to gain access and perform work specified there on.


A. Construction Staking:

     1. Midvale's Engineer shall provide construction staking for water and sewer facilities.

B. Testing Services

     1. Midvale shall retain and pay for (from fees/or deposits paid to Midvale City by the Developer) the services of a Testing Laboratory to perform concrete compressive strength tests, asphaltic concrete testing and backfill compaction tests for Midvale as specified in the individual technical specification sections.

C. Inspection Services

     1. An Inspector shall be retained and paid for by Midvale City to observe the Contractor's performance. The Inspector shall have the authority to disapprove or reject Work which is determined to be defective or substandard.

     2. The Inspector shall be authorized to require other inspections or testing to verify the acceptability of Work.

     3. The Inspector shall not be responsible for Contractor's means, methods, techniques, sequences or procedures of construction, or the safety precautions and programs incident thereto, nor shall Inspector be responsible for Contractor's failure to perform or furnish the Work in accordance with the Contract Documents or Midvale City's requirements.

D. Water Sampling

     1. Midvale shall perform sampling of water after disinfection of piping.

     2. Water samples obtained by Midvale shall be performed by a Testing Laboratory retained and paid for (from deposits paid to Midvale City by the Developer) by Midvale.


A. Staking Services

     1. Contractor shall provide staking services as follows:

          a. Subdivisions - Front lot corners

          b. Planned Unit Developments, Condominiums, Commercial Developments - Building corners and site boundaries

     2. Contractor shall verify that Contractor furnished staking services have been completed and are in place prior to notifying Midvale's Engineer for staking of water and sewer facilities.

B. Easement Descriptions

     1. Contractor shall submit easement descriptions to the City Engineer and receive Engineer's approval of such easement descriptions prior to requesting staking of water and sewer facilities.

C. The Contractor shall be responsible for furnishing all testing and staking services required to accomplish construction and to verify locations and effectiveness of construction methods. All services required for the convenience of the Developer/Contractor shall be the responsibility of the Contractor.


A. General Requirements

     1. Submit shop drawings, manufacturer's literature, certifications, verification of conformance with specifications and other product data as indicated in individual specification sections prior to delivery of any materials or products to project site.

     2. Transmittal Form: Include the following information and provisions for all submittals:

          a. Project Identification

          b. Names of contractor, subcontractor, and supplier

          c. Identify pertinent Drawing sheet/number, detail number, and/or specification section to which submittal applies.

          d. Provide space for Contractor and Engineer review stamps. Submittals which do not show evidence of Contractor's review for conformance with the Drawings and/or specifications will not be accepted.

3. Submit a minimum of five (5) copies of submittals to the office of Midvale's Engineer at:

Midvale City
655 West Center Street
Midvale, Utah 84047

B. Submittals, including requests for deviations from the Contract Documents, shall be fully and completely identified, and shall include written justification for such deviations as well as appropriate contract adjustment information.

C. Upon completion of Engineer's review and return of submittals, Contractor shall revise and resubmit as required by City, identifying changes made since previous submittal.

D. Contractor/Developer shall be solely responsible for distribution of reviewed submittals to affected Contractors, subcontractors, suppliers or others and shall be responsible for identifying any inability to comply with the submittals. Contractor/Developer shall promptly notify Engineer of any such inability to comply and shall resolve said issues prior to performing Work affected by such submittals.

E. Product Data:

     1. Contractor shall mark each copy to identify applicable products, models, options and other data and supplement manufacturer's standard data to provide information unique to the Work.

F. Substitutions:

     1. Document requests for substitution shall be with complete data substantiating compliance of proposed substitution with Contract Documents. Only one (1) request for substitution will be considered for each product.

     2. Contractor's responsibility

          a. Any request for a substitution constitutes a representation by the Contractor that the following conditions apply:
               i. Conformance to Specification Requirements - the product equals or exceeds, in all respects, the product specified.
               ii. Warranty - the same warranty required for the specified products will apply to the substitution.
               iii. Installation shall be coordinated with the city and all changes required to perform the Work shall be made at no cost to the City.

          b. Substitution will be made only upon submission of a separate written request, including a clear description of the substitution, and when the substitution will not require substantial revision of the Contract Documents.

          c. Acceptance or rejection of a substitution shall be the sole decision of Midvale City and its Engineer. The Engineer will notify Contractor of acceptance or rejection within a reasonable time. When substitution is not accepted, originally specified product shall be provided.


A. Quality Control shall be maintained by the Contractor over the product and over services provided by suppliers and manufacturers over site conditions and workmanship at the site to insure specified quality.

B. Industry standards shall apply except when Drawings and Specification require more rigid standards or more precise workmanship.

C. Manufacturer's Recommendations: All materials and equipment shall be applied, installed, connected, erected, used, cleaned and conditioned in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations.

a. Should manufacturer's recommendations conflict with Contract Document, (contractor shall request clarification from the Engineer before proceeding).


A. Contractor shall obtain and pay for all excavation and/or boring permits required from State, County, or railroad authorities, provide traffic control plans as required, and comply with all other conditions of the permitting agency.

B. License and Permit Bonds shall not contain a cancellation clause and shall be in an amount and form as prescribed by the Midvale City.

     1. Midvale City Corporation shall require proof of insurance and copy of Contractor's license.


A. Interruption of water service to customers of Midvale City or other water supply agencies shall be limited to four hours unless authorized by Midvale City, and shall meet the requirements of the agencies.

B. Notice shall be given to Midvale City by the Contractor at least 48 hours before any contemplated water system shut-down, which shall be subject to the approval of Midvale City. The City may require shut-down to be between 10:00 PM and 6:00 AM.

C. Valve Operation:

     1. Areas to be shut down shall be limited by closing valves in the Midvale City water distribution system in the vicinity of the proposed shut-down.

          a. Opening and closing of existing valves shall be performed by Midvale personnel and NOT by the Contractor, except in emergencies affecting the safety of persons, the Work, or property at the site or adjacent thereto.

D. Fire hydrants on or adjacent to the Work site shall be kept accessible to fire fighting equipment at all times.


A. Contractor warrants and guarantees to Midvale City and its Engineer that all work is in accordance with the City's requirements and the Contract Documents, and is not defective.

B. The correction period shall be completed within three (3) years of the date of Substantial Completion for backfill and asphaltic concrete paving in Salt Lake County and /or Utah Department of Transportation roads, as well as for all other work

C. Correction of Defective Work:

     1. If during the correction period outlined above, any Work is found to be defective, Contractor shall, promptly, without cost to Midvale City and in accordance with the City's written instructions, either correct such defective work, or, if it has been rejected by the City, remove it from the site and replace it with non-defective Work. If Contractor does not promptly comply with the terms of such instructions, or in an emergency where delay would cause serious risk of loss or damage, the City may have the defective work corrected or the rejected work removed and replaced, and all direct and indirect costs of such removal and replacement,including compensation for additional professional services, shall be paid by the Contractor.


A. The Developer, the Contractor, and any necessary Subcontractors, and the City's Engineer shall attend a Pre-construction meeting with representatives of Midvale City before the Contractor or his Subcontractors commence any Work in connection with the project. Representatives of Salt Lake County, UDOT and Midvale City may also attend the Pre-construction meeting if any work is to be performed on Salt Lake County, State of Utah or other jurisdiction's rights-of-way.

B. Attendance:

     1. Contractor shall arrange the time of the meeting with the Developer and the City and shall be responsible for Subcontractor notification. The Owner will notify the Engineer, Salt Lake County and/or UDOT as appropriate.

C. Copies of the completed Bid Schedule shall be submitted to Midvale City and the City's Engineer prior to this meeting.


A. Contractor shall initiate, maintain and supervise all safety precautions in connection with the Work in compliance with applicable Federal, State and local codes, regulations and ordinances.

B. Contractor shall be solely responsible for conformance with all applicable regulations.


A. Lump Sum amounts or Unit Prices shall represent the total cost to the Owner for the Bid Schedule item, including but not limited to the following:

     1. Submittals

           a. Submittals for approval

           b. Construction Record Drawings

           c. Data for Owner

     2. Mobilization and Demobilization

     3. Material, Labor, Overhead and Profit

B. Lump Sum Basis:

     1. No separate measurement of quantities will be made for those items of work performed on a lump sum basis, but the item shall be constructed as required to complete the Work as shown on the Drawings and as described in the Specifications, including all related items and accessories.

C. Unit Price Basis:

     1. Should the quantity of any item in the Bid Proposal be increased, the Contractor shall perform the additional work at the unit price listed in the Proposal. Should the quantity be decreased, the Contractor shall be paid for the work completed at the unit price listed in the Proposal.

D. Application for Payment

     1. In accordance with the General Conditions, submit applications for payment for review and approval.

     2. Submit three copies of each application for payment under procedures set forth in accordance with the General Conditions, on Midvale City approved form.

     3. Content and Format: That specified for Schedule of Values in the Bid Tabulation.


A. Verify locations of all existing underground utilities and facilities and other items affecting the work and coordinate work with the owner of those utilities and other facilities. Call Blue-Stakes Location Service at least 48 hours before digging.

B. Provide field engineering services as required to establish grades, lines, and levels from construction stakes in order to complete the work in accordance with these drawings and specifications.

C. The locations of existing underground utilities depicted on the drawings shall be shown as approximate locations only. Determine the exact location of all existing utilities, whether or not shown on the drawings, before commencing work. Contractor agrees to be fully responsible for any and all damages which might be occasioned by his failure to exactly locate and preserve any and all underground utilities. If damaged or removed, the existing utility shall be restored or replaced by Contractor in as nearly the original condition and location as is reasonably possible.

D. Locate and protect survey reference lines, bench marks and monuments provided by the Owner for the control of the work.

E. If survey control lines and monuments are destroyed or altered as a consequence of construction, replace as directed, at no cost to the Owner.